Yorgoth The Risen Lord1

Yorgoth the Corrupter, lord of hate.

Yorgoth, or Melkor is a deity of Chaos, the extra-existential force of lawlessness. He embodies rage, hate, and corruption. Historically, Yorgoth is responsible for much of the Hundred Years War in Lenor. An architect of the war, he corrupted Warmaster Eliphas, Horus Blackwater, and to an extent, Discord into service of Chaos. Thus, Yorgoth is said to have spear-headed the fall of the Alicorn Empire.

During the 2160s, when Chaos returned to Mundus, Yorgoth once again took a high-ranking position among the chaotic deities, leading his own legion against the forces of Aetherius. Yorgoth is extremely powerful, close behind Mephisto and Baal in terms of potency. He was so powerful that he was able to subdue Aku and Auriel in battle with ease. He also has the power transform into an alternate form, an emerald firehawkk.


Personality and AbilitiesEdit


Yorgoth's alternate form, a firehawk blazing with chaotic magics.

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