Yoko wallpaper 1920x1080 by biohazardjoe4-d7vcr4r

Yoko Ritona was Blue team 's beautiful and fiery sniper. She was one of the longest surviving members of Blue team, having stayed with them since the Evil Civil War , and far beyond into the War of Harrowing . Yoko was an exuberant, fearless young woman with a well-formed, powerful body. Yoko was listed as the UNSC's #1 sniper in the galaxy, and her skills in marksmanship are unmatched by any human.

Ever since the Mythic Dawn Crisis , Yoko displayed a strong sense of caring and passion for David "Solid Snake" . On multiple occasions they both showed their caring for each other's safety, and they often embraced each other very affectionately. Despite their age difference, it has been shown that Yoko and David were indeed in love, and produced two children together, Ryuko and Zero.


Personality and EquipmentEdit

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