Y'shaarj, also known as The Incomprehensible OneThe Black Worm and even The Void is a mysterious being of incredible darkness and immeasurable power. Y'shaarj is said to be the original being of evil, predating the gods, and Anui and Sargeras. Legends say he was spawned from the darker, negative aspects of the original god and first being in Creation, Ehyeh. 

No existing being has ever witnessed Y'shaarj in person. Some claim that they have heard his whisperings, however. According to ancient Ada legend, he appears as a being of great darkness, with huge claws, horns, horrid piercing yellow eyes, and an infinite maw of teeth.

Y'shaarj has never been witnessed by Creation, but his presence is undeniable. He has led to the corruption of almost all that have heard his dark call. It is written in ancient legend that the force known as Chaos is of Y'shaarj's creation, and he is directly or indirectly responsible for every single act of evil or force of evil in all Creation, including his most heinous act, the corruption of the Brother of Order, Sargeras.

According to the most ancient legends, Y'shaarj waits patiently within the infinite dark of the void, his dread tentacles of evil burying into the firmament of reality, his whispers driving poor souls into endless madness. Y'shaarj craves the unmaking of all Creation, and a return to terrible darkness and eternal chaos.


Theories and Legacy

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