MassEffect2 NastyVorcha

A vorcha.

Vorcha are a crude and violent race of mammalian creatures originating on the planet Heshtok in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are one of the races of the Andromeda Treaty, and are used in the Treaty as infiltrators, assassins, smugglers, and terror troopers among their military.

Vorcha are brutal, lightning fast, and very deadly in combat. They are utterly bloodthirsty during a fight, and have been known to be among the fastest beings in both the Andromeda and Milky Way. They have no government of their own, and are content with their current oligarchy government of the Treaty. 


Physiology and CultureEdit

VideoGameArt MassEffect3 Vorcha02 RodriguePralier

Vorcha units, ready for action.

Vorcha appear somewhat skinny, but they have very dense muscles ideal for very fast running, and amazing jumping capabilities. Vorcha are a successful species because they have the ability to adapt nearly instantaneously to their environment. Their lungs can morph to breathe in high/low pressure environments. Their skin can heal itself from serious wounds in a matter of hours. Their eyes can perceive a much wider range of light than humans, and they can see very well in the dark. However, the major setback to vorcha is their extraordinarily short life span, each one reaching no more than 20 years. Because of their many skills, vorcha are used by the Treaty as strike troops, assassins, smugglers, hunters, raiders, and infiltrators. 

Vorcha have no government of their own, and never did. Vorcha society has always been dominated by clan and mob rule. Their original society could best be described as an anarchy. Every mob or clan fought for themselves, smuggling, assassinating, and fighting their way up the social food chain. When the vorcha were incorporated into the Treaty, they were still more than happy to accept an oligarchical government system. They didn't care how they were ruled, as long as they earned money and snagged kills every now and then. 

Many vorcha, due to their smuggler and piratistic nature, indulge in alcohol consumption and drug usage. Sometimes, the Treaty injects their vorcha troops with aggressive drugs that enhance their brutality in battle. As effective as this is, vorcha are already bloodthirsty and brutal by nature. In fact, violence is a sort of language for them, and verbal speech is not used very much. Despite this, they will not attack their own allies out of violent impulse. Due to their training, they were taught to channel their aggression against the enemies of the Treaty.

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