Veigar with the Archum Vendares.

"Your world will burn, and You will die with it; because Aku is with Me!"

- Veigar's triumphant proclamation at the Battle of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Veigar was a Yordle and Aku's First Emissary, and was also named by the vile god Aku himself as the Dark Champion. He was the founder and leader of The Mythic Dawn Cult. He wielded the Archum Vendares, a legendary staff, blessed by Aku himself, which was said to command terrible arcane power and could unleash untold destruction. He was responsible for starting the Mythic Dawn War.

Veigar had pointy metal boots and metal gloves, and he always wore a purple robe and large purple hat. Veigar is known to many as the most powerful and most devout follower of Aku. Veigar is largely considered to be one of the most notoriously evil beings in all Existence's history, and currently, even mentioning his name is rather disturbing and upsetting to most.


Veigar (WéîGåR in Yordic) was a Yordle, born and raised in their ancient and mysterious province of Ygeron, on the planet Artem in the plane of Lenor. Veigar was the son of a widow, who, later in life, shipped him off to Darvur's School of Magic, a Yordic boarding school where he would be taught magic, which is a very important skill to Yordles. However, Veigar did not enjoy learning what the school considered was "good" magic, and eventually took a darker path: Necromancy and Summoning. Veigar studied these two schools for years on end, eventually mastering these two schools, as well as Destruction, a school which he found to be particularly useful. The Ministry eventually found out about the darkness within Veigar and threw him out of the school (this event eventually sparked a legal issue that in the end, and got Veigar kicked out of the province). After being exiled from Ygeron, Veigar swore revenge on his country and its people.

He began the worship of Aku, the god of destruction, change, and evil. After many years of honing his magic skill, Veigar dissapeared, no one knew where he went. Many years passed, and Veigar still was gone from written records, and no one knew that he had been communicating, through prayer, with Aku. After being crowned the Dark Emissary and tasked with building a land and army worthy of Aku's exellence, Veigar began gathering followers. He rallied many factions in the world who owed alliegence to Aku, and using his dark powers of summoning, he gave life to hordes of bloodthirsty monsters which would serve as his army. With that, Veigar formed the Mythic Dawn Cult. Then without warning, he played his hand.

His armies of darkness spread like a wildfire, no force could stop his onslaught. Blue Team was also called to action against this tide of evil, but Blue Team was, like their allies, forced into retreat time and again. Country after country, Continent after continent, they all fell to the Mythic Dawn. It seemed as though all the free poeples of Existence would soon be Veigar's slaves. He even invaded Lenor, attempting to conquer Equestria, as well as Ygeron. During his onslaught in Ygeron, it is believed that he caused the extinction of his entire race, pitilessly slaughtering them like pigs. It seemed that nothing could stop Veigar and the Mythic Dawn.

One night, Veigar received a vision, of Aku revealing his summoning location, to be Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Veigar, faithful to the Lord of Change, sent the entire Mythic Dawn to the Mount, knowing that the remaining resistance along with Bue Team would show up. Soon enough, they did. After a vast and epic war that nearly caused the end of Existence itself, the Mythic Dawn was brought to its knees, Veigar and his allies were all slain by Blue team, and Aku was banished by Auriel during The Battle of Kilimanjaro.


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