"You wanna know who really runs the show around here? Me! I've got the tech to win this war. I make the coin pass through the right hands."
- Trade-Prince Gallywix, leader of the Goblins.
Trade-Prince Gallywix is the "leader" of the goblins of Heraklon, that is to say, he is the most wealthy, powerful, and influential goblin kingpin among all the Goblin Crews. He is also the Supreme Engineer of the Uuruk. He is the goblin representative to the Uuruk rebellion, and also one of the commanding figures of the rebel empire. Under his leadership, the goblins achieved an incredible degree of industrial and technological might. He is very famous and regarded highly amongst the goblins.

Gallywix is shrewd, absolutely brilliant, unapologetically ambitious, cold, and unafraid of taking risks and eliminating his competition. He always has a dirty trick ready for any situation, and is never one to shy away from a challenge. He is one of the more intelligent of the Uuruk's leaders, also arguably the most powerful.