The one known as The Reaper, also called Black Ghost is a human crime lord, and the head of the Assassin's Brotherhood, and works alongside his advisor, Maghda the witch. Almost nothing is known of The Reaper, as few have seen him and lived to tell of it. He is believed to be wealthy, well connected, brilliant, and a lethal assassin and gunman.

The Reaper's twisted childhood left him with no care for the lives of others. So, it is believed that he got into crime, a fascination for killing in particular. He started off small and quiet, however he worked his way up the crime scene until he recruited many of the finest professional murderers on the planet, forming the Assassin's Brotherhood. His wealth accrued, and it's postulated that he became a millionaire, one of the richest men in the world.

Today, he still runs the guild in secret, yet to be put to justice.



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