Key members of the Dragma Imperium; Lordgenome, Thymilph, Adiane, Cytomander, and Guame.

The Dragma Imperium, or simply the Dragma (elvish word for "flood", "tide", or "extinction") is a deep space organization of mech-operating bio-engineered creatures created by an immensely brilliant human known as the Spiral King.

The Dragma was founded by a young human named Jerome Galilei (the one who will become the Spiral King), a member of a planet-colonization team. After a terrible mutiny that resulted in the deaths of his parents, Jerome vowed vengeance and worked rigorously on creating an army. He developed the Beastmen, bio-engineered animal based beings that would pilot exosuits known as Gunmen. Eventually, the Dragma imperium was formed and It quickly spread across the galaxy in a blind crusade against all sentient beings.

The Dragma have encountered Earth and Blue team numerous times, which has always resulted in disaster for Earth.



Notable members of the Dragma Imperium:

- Lordgenome (The Spiral King)

- The First Generals: Thymilph the Destroyer, Adiane the Elegant, Guame the Immovable, Cytomander the Swift.

- The Second Generals: Mandarin the Defiler, Gilgamesh the Mighty, Nematocyst the Vain, Kryptek the Glutton.

- Lieutenant Viral

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