Covenant Destroyer

The Destroyer, flagship of Boss Cass, in space accompanied by smaller carrier ships.

The Destroyer was a massive spacecraft that acted as the personal flagship of the dictator Boss Cass, as well as the commanding vessel of the entire naval fleet of the New World Order. It was commissioned by Boss Cass himself, and the spacecraft was planned and engineered by Covenant scientists and engineers.

The Destroyer is said to have been, and remains, the single largest mortal-made construct in Existence, measuring approximately 40 miles in length, and almost half its length wide. Due to its massive size, and for safety purposes, it was almost always put into high-orbit above Earth. Despite this, the massive warship would almost always darken the sky of wherever it hovered directly above, and the roars of the titanic engines would cause the earth itself to tremble.

Despite the safety precautions Boss Cass took for his precious flagship, The Destroyer was extremely well-equipped. Its hull was said to be nearly unbreachable to any existing force, to say nothing of the energy-shielding systems it was equipped with. In terms of weaponry, the warship was decked with long-range mass accelerator cannons, capable of breaching the hulls of nearly any large size UNSC warships, and vaporizing anything smaller in one blast. However, its most deadly armament was the enormous stockpile of nuclear weapons stashed onboard, which Boss Cass planned on using to bombard the surface of the planet, due to the devastating rebellion begun and headed by Blue Team.