The common symbol of the Dark Gods is a star with five points that look like hooks or claws. These five points represent the "Five Troubles", which are believed among the Nu'ada to be the original negative concepts which Ehyeh purged from himself at the dawn of time. These concepts are the prime teachings and concepts of the Dark Gods.

The Dark Gods are primordial beings or gods of incredible power who once inhabited the plane known as Aetherius, the home realm of the divine beings known as Nu'ada. These gods are the main source of darkness and evil in Existence as we know it.

Originally the "Dark Gods" were all members of the Nu'ada, children of Anui and Aetheria, tasked with preserving the Order of all Creation. However Aku, the brother of the chief Nu'ada, Anurel, abandoned the teachings of the Order and turned towards the "Five Troubles", which are believed by the Nu'ada to be the concepts purged from the All-Father Ehyeh at the dawn of time. These Troubles are said to be - Hate, Anger, Doubt, Fear, and Greed. These Five concepts make up all Evil in the Nu'ada teachings. Aku believed the "Five Hallmarks" as he called them, could lead the gods to unimaginable power.

During the period of time known as The Aetherium War, many gods sided with Aku and his teachings. These came to be known as the Dark Gods. They battled the Divine Gods, who were led by Anurel, god of righteousness and rulership. Eventually the Darks faced defeat, and only a select few survived the war. These Darks remain secluded in their own personal realms within the darkness of the Void, and together they form a loose alliance that sometimes works together, but more often than not, the Dark Beings will work alone and exert their own influences across Creation.

The remaining Dark Gods are:

  • Aku, Lord of Evil, Change, and Chaotic Revolution.
  • Sithis, Lord of Death, Fear, and Emotional Suffering.
  • Kharne, Lord of War, Anger, and Senseless Slaughter.
  • Molag Bal, Lord of Domination, Schemes, and the Vampiric Curse.
  • Haagen Dazs, Lord of Wealth, Power, and Greed.
  • Nezoth, Lord of Darkness, Secrets, and Corruption.
  • Nurgle, Lord of Disease, Decay, and Pain.
  • Slaanesh, Mistress of Pleasure, Decadence, and Madness.

The Dark Gods believe that the universe is at its purest when filled with chaos and evil. Aku and the Darks believe that evil thwarts good, just as the night overtakes the day. The Divines believe the opposite.


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