The Cult of Blood is an elusive and sinister collection of Dark God worshippers, made up of vampires, witches, sorcerers, and other minions of darkness. This dark and secretive society is known for abductions, murders, and evil rituals. The Cult worships many dark beings including Aku, Nurgle, Sithis and Kharne, but arguably their most important deity is Molag Bal. They savor the domination of mortals, practice murder, the drinking of blood, and sacrifices to their malevolent deities.

The Cult of Blood is active all throughout the world, but no one knows where they are headquartered. The Cult is led by the cruel and powerful witch Maghda, devotee of Molag Bal and Aku.


Culture and Known Members


  • Lord Vlad Draculea of Wallachia, founder and true ruler of the Cult.
  • Mother Maghda, right hand of Dracula and secondary leader of the Cult.
  • Count Falkoran the Bloodthirster
  • Sorcerer-Master Ilthu'garg