Tai Lung Mad Kung Fu panda

Tai Lung was a Beronan snow leopard, and a significant enemy to Blue Team. Tai Lung had a great lust for power and a commanding personality, but he was not above servitude if the reward for loyalty was good enough. Throughout his life, he was involved with many women, and he was known as a powerful, intimidating warrior. He was headstrong, and he was an excellent combatant.

So it was with Skeleton King, who lulled Tai Lung into service of the Dark Gods . The Dark Champion granted Tai Lung the "gift" of indoctrination, which partially mutated the warrior's body, giving him the ability to morph his form. Despite the Skeleton King's hold over Tai Lung's loyalty, the snow leopard was in control of himself the entire time, his will too strong for even the Dark Champion to break. This wasn't an issue though, as Tai Lung's desire for more power kept him loyal.

He served as the General of the Reaper forces during the War of Deceit until its conclusion. He fought against the mighty general of the Andromeda Treaty , Wrex Barbadek . Tai killed the general, and disappeared shortly after. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Personality and Skills