Solid Snake known by his true name as David Thatcher, is one of the founding members of Blue Team, along with Lucario. Since a very young age, Snake had dreamt with his best friend, Lucario, about being the "good guys" and after graduating from RIT, he became a Navy SEAL. After raising to the rank of captain, Snake retired from the military, got in touch with Lucario once again, and started Blue Team.


David Thatcher grew up in Newport, Rhode Island as the son of Micheal and Rita Thatcher. Growing up, David's father was often away, as he was a Navy SEAL, and his mother worked as a doctor, so David grew up alone for most of his life. David's father died during Operation Redwing, so he was left only with his mother. David's father's death prompted David to become a Navy Seal and to wipe out all wrongs in the world. In the third grade, David met Lucario, and the two were fast friends, and the two agreed that they would work together to eliminate all crime, first in their neighborhood, then all the world. Little did they know, their crusade would turn they from homemade vigilantes, to saviors of the world.