Slaanesh, Prince of Pleasure, Lust, Excess, and Madness.

Slaanesh, also known as The Prince of Pleasure, or the Pale Goat is an Ae'ada god that was born from the gods Sithoaag and Sibelle. During the moment that Slaanesh was born and she emitted her birth cry, all realms in Existence (except Aetherius) trembled, and the skies in these worlds turned reddish-pink for a short time, and moments after her birth she consumed her parents. Slaanesh is counted as a Dark God, but a few of the Darks do not trust her. Though Slaanesh is many aeons younger than the other gods, her influences of pleasure and lust grant her much power due to the lives of pleasure enjoyed by mortals, and the many mental illnesses she spreads. 

Slaanesh, being born of wild lust and pure madness, often behaves like a wild animal at her most tame. She speaks clearly and fluently but often her speech devolves into animalistic growls or barks, and those who listen will eventually find that the subject of her speech completely changes before long. Slaanesh is known to contort her own body in revolting or sensual manners which are intended to seduce mortals. Those that are not seduced by her behaviors are driven to madness by either her horrific visage, or the babbling of her mouth, or both. 

History and Physiology

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Personality and Interaction with Mortals