"A million deaths, or a billion deaths, each fresh soul will be a gift for my Dark Masters, that will grant me my ascension. Soon, your precious Existence will die, swallowed by fire and death. And will be nothing more than a distant memory in the minds of a doomed universe."

-The Skeleton King to Blue Team before he "banishes" them, directly preceding the events of the Black Century.

The Skeleton King, also known as The Dark Puppet Master, was the evil, deceptive, and cruel Champion of the Dark Gods, the successor of Veigar and Bearer of the Dark Banner. The Skeleton King was infamous for his skills at manipulation, and for his engineering of the War of Deceit. The Skeleton King described himself as the Master Puppeteer, the Deceiver of Nations, the Dark Prophet, and the Destroyer of Worlds. The War of Attrition was entirely a scheme of his own making, where he opened portals to the Void, through which his minions, The Reapers, passed through into Existence in massive numbers. The War was dreadful, destroying the UNSC, nearly ending Creation, and almost killing The Divine Gods. However, The Skeleton King met his end, not at the hands of Blue Team, but at the hands of Anurel


During World War I, an alchemist, puppeteer, and magician known as Isidor Franz living in Austria-Hungary was experimenting with chemical and magical weaponry to use against the Allied Powers. His means of creating these weapons were extremely unorthodox, and he would often visit dangerous or strange methods. From the very start, Franz had a dark heart, he was sadistic, fantasizing about all the fascinating ways to take lives. He made these visions reality through his experiments, being paid by the Central Powers to create weapons. Still this wasn't enough - the ambitious Franz desired to discover new methods to destroy the foes of his leaders to prove himself further. He would perform seances and ancient, taboo rituals that helped him reach out to the darkness of the Void. There, he hoped to discover the ultimate means of destroying life. In his vigorous experiments, he fully crossed the barrier between reality and the mysterious dark of the Void. There, Franz discovered the terrifying Dark Gods, and almost immediately becoming tainted with the influence of the dark beings. Recognizing the alchemist's talent with magic and science, the Darks saw the potential in using him as a servant. It didn't take long for the alchemist to succumb to the temptations of the Dark Gods, and he agreed to serve them faithfully, the promise of eternal life, wisdom, and power too much for the scientist to refuse. 

He was absorbed into the Void fully, body and soul, where he would be tortured, broken, and indoctrinated into a foul, evil being corrupted and polluted by the Dark Powers. His flesh was rotted away, and his soul was desecrated. Any morality he possessed was eradicated, replaced by sadistic fury. He remained in this state, chained in the Void for many years, until he was fully ready to take on the mission of the Dark Gods. He was gifted dark, powerful armor, a staff blessed by the Dark Gods, as well as a personal army of sentient machines, one of the strongest ever seen and created in Existence. These machines were known as the Reapers by their creators, an ancient and illusive alien race called Leviathans . The Darks then let their Champion loose upon Creation, giving him the task to prove himself by bringing about the apocalypse. The Skeleton King immediately began planning for the perfect strategy to destroy the universe. His first move was to resurrect the dead Lordgenome, and his Dragma forces. In what came to be known as the War of Attrition, he planned for Lordgenome's armies to attack the strongholds of the Sol Alliance indiscriminately, weakening resistance to the breaking point, followed by an overwhelming invasion by his armies of Reapers, and rampaging across what remains in a tide of death. 

When the War of Attrition was drawing to a close, the Skeleton King saw his moment to act. The Dragma had caused massive damage to Earth and allied strongholds in the Sol System, but Blue Team was fast closing in on Lordgenome, and they were getting close to fighting the final battle on the Granzeboma, the Spiral King's dreaded flagship. Blue Team had successfully breached all defenses of the Granzeboma, and they did battle against Lordgenome on the Granzeboma's command tower. Ultimately, the Spiral King was beaten down, and Blue Team was preparing to finish him off, putting an end to the war. Or so they thought. A portal opened at that moment, The Skeleton King stepping out, applauding the valiant efforts of Blue Team, and revealing his plan to them as well as Lordgenome. The Skeleton King told the galactic warlord about his resurrection, and he revealed that Lordgenome was nothing but a puppet, and a tool of the Skeleton King's plan. Lordgenome denied these statements, saying that he serves no one. Lordgenome then attacked the Skeleton King, but the Dark Champion easily and effortlessly subdued the human. Right before sending him over the edge of the command tower of the Granzeboma, The Skeleton King stated to Lordgenome, "It's time to put you back in your place, Lordgenome...The dirt!" Then, he pushed the human off, but Lordgenome grabbed hold of the Champion's cape, and they both were cast off the tower. 

The Skeleton King teleported mid-fall to his personal Reaper carrier, leaving Lordgenome to his presumed death. The Granzeboma imploded, creating a very large portal, from which huge amounts of Reapers began to pour through. Many other portals were opened, the Skeleton King's invasion beginning. This officially ended the War of Attrition, and began the War of Deceit. The Skeleton King sought allies to make his puppets as well. For this, he turned to the Martian Emperor, who was already in a bad relationship with his neighboring planet, Earth. The Skeleton King appealed to his anger, by convincing the Emperor to declare war on Earth. With this, the Skeleton King began a devastating two-pronged assault of Earth. The Skeleton King believed victory was inevitable.

Unfortunately for him, at the same time, the extragalactic alien alliance known as the Andromeda Treaty made planetfall on Earth too, seeking diplomatic relations with the humans. However, unknown to them, war had already engulfed Earth. Treaty ships were caught in the crossfire of UNSC ships. In retaliation, believing that the humans had no intention of peace, the Treaty returned fire. The Skeleton King himself realized the potency of the aliens, and attempted to convince them to join his side. However, the aliens flatly refused (this was because the Treaty leaders had no intention of sharing power or bowing to any religion. As a result, the Reapers and the Treaty began to fight each other too. Within a year, the UNSC was completely annihilated under the combined assault of the Treaty and Reapers. Therefore, the battle for Earth became a war between the Skeleton King's armies and the aliens. 

During the early events of the Black Century, the Andromeda Treaty began to lose motivation to fight the Reapers. Their fleets were exhausted, and their resources slimming. In order to end the conflict, the Treaty leaders ordered the harvesting of Sol, Earth's parent star. With this, the resulting supernova incinerated the surface of all orbiting planets, including Mars. The Martian Emperor pleaded with the dark Champion to save his world from the supernova, however, the Skeleton King refused, stating "You have outlived your minor usefullness...I no longer need you, my friend." At this, the Emperor was both infuriated and horrified, as the supernova engulfed his planet and incinerated all life within a few seconds. As for Earth, it was taken over by Reapers and promptly shielded by large shielding pylons of Reaper tech. 

Throughout the remains of the Black Century, the Skeleton King continued to hunt down and attack human planets, while the Andromeda Treaty also engaged in their own invasions. Eventually, after Blue team returned, he was forced to worry about them once again. However, he had grown much stronger since the last time they met. 

After a very large engagemnet the Blue team took part in on New Equestria, the Andromeda Treaty teleported their fleets to their home planet Palaven in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Reapers passed through a black hole, and Blue team followed. They soon appeared in Palaven's orbit, where a war was already taking place in space between the Treaty and Reapers. Skeleton King was here, fighting the Treaty's fleets once more as Blue team landed on Palaven attempting to reach the Palace of the Spectres. After breaking through the defenses, the Skeleton King allowed his Reapers to lay siege to the rather vulnerable planet. 

The Spectres of the Treaty were soon executed. Afterwards, Blue team was brought up by the Skeleton King to his personal Reaper, for one final showdown. However, the Skeleton King was in the process of ascension, and he was gifted by the Darks the power of a daemon. He transformed, and beat Blue team to near death. He wisped himself away to Aetherius, where he prepared to fight Auriel and kill him. 

Blue team was taken to Aetherius by a frightened Mew, who pleaded with the heroes to gather their last strength to defeat the dark champion. When they arrived, they were nearly too late; the daemon was in the process of beating Auriel. Just when he was about to deal a killing blow on the divine god, he failed to notice that the Old Gods were attacking Aetherius as well. Chakravartin came from behind, brutally plunged his fingers into the deamon's skull, crushed it, and plunged his holy blade into the deamon's chest, killing the Skeleton King for good.