"Know the truth. Know Death. Know me."
- The mantra of Sithis.

Sithis, also called the Grim Reaper, or even Death, is the Dark God of Death, Fear, Despair, and any form of emotional suffering. Sithis often takes on the form of a dreadful skeleton with bony wings, wrapped in a dark blue robe with a hood that hides his entire head. Legends say he wields a scythe known as the Harvester, which is said to slice out the tainted souls of mortals at his whim. Sithis, along with Kharne and Hargon Daas, is thought to be one of the most powerful Darks apart from Aku. This is because of the constant cycle of death occurring in Existence, especially from war.

Sithis is silent and mysterious, rarely showing himself, much less revealing his plots. He cares little for the fleeting existence of mortals, and he only cares about bringing his own ends to fruition, and harvesting unfortunate souls, hoarding them away and bolstering his own power. It is believed that Sithis does not actually hold any loyalty to Aku, and instead cooperates with him out of convenience.

Sithis is one of the most sinister Dark Gods, constantly scheming and planning. He is the creator of the so-called "Curse of Sithis", which is believed to resurrect the corpses of the dead, as mindless killing machines bent on slaying the living. His most powerful servant is the ancient Dead-King Ymiron God-killer. He is one of the most dreaded gods, trusted by few, loved by less, and yet his power exists everywhere in Existence.

History and Physiology

Personality and Interaction with Mortals