Shen symbol wallpaper by splendorking-d4zef7z

The Shrouded Ghosts symbol.

The Shrouded Ghosts Clan is a bandit clan of silent warriors who make extensive use of ninja tactics and techniques. It was founded by Lord Sheng, the estranged son of the Beronan Peacock noble family.

The Ghosts played a large role in the Wasteland Wars, where they were among a handful of other factions that survived the Hell Mages' destruction of Earth's surface. Rising out of the dust with several other groups, they made the Wasteland their home, making bases, ambushing refugees, and coming into conflict with other peoples. Across the world, they were feared for their vicious tactics, incredible fighting skills, and their ability to slip into the shadows, truly earning their names for all the world to know.



Some Wasteland Ghosts.