The infamous Spectre Saren, supreme head of the Andromeda Treaty.

Autarch Saren Jah'atai Arterius, also known as Saren, was a Turian politician and military leader, and the Autarch of the infamous Andromeda Treaty, one of the three members of the High Council. He was the head of the Treaty Council, the political leader of the entire Treaty. As the Autarch, Saren made all the major decisions of the Andromeda Treaty, including the decision to attack the Sol Alliance (Mars and Earth). He personally oversaw the slaughter of billions along with his fellow Councilors Krebb and Wrex

Saren is one of the most hated figures in all history, because of the terrible deeds he and the Treaty wrought upon the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as his own galaxy, the Andromeda. He is cold, tactical, unforgiving, swift, brutal, and immensely intelligent. Under his leadership, the Treaty laid waste to countless worlds, and harvested equally countless stars.