Pikachu is one of the last members of Blue Team

Pikachu is a young Pokèmon member of Blue Team. Pikachu is often famed for his ability to complain and find problems in every situation. Also for his ability to speak and comment on every situation whether or not he is there. Pikachu, Lucario, and Snake are the most widely known members of Blue Team. For one, Pikachu was the first official member, and because he has survived every war and conflict so far....

·Clićhes Related to Pikachu

Aspect of Pikachu- It is a lie to say that Pikachu has "survived" every ordeal Blue Team has experienced. When Pikachu dies in battle, it happens a lot, he is gone until Blue Team eventually saves him again. But his presence is not gone, a life-size blue ghost of Pikachu appears, to make comments on the current situation. However, the Aspect of Pikachu's presence is never acknowledged by the other Blue Team members.

Pikachu's Voice- Pikachu's voice is very light and high pitched, and is often spoken by, well Pikachu! However, his voice often travels where it doesn't belong; for example: Two UNSC pilots are talking over the radio about how the battle below goes ill, and Pikachu, being down fighting in the battle, randomly replies saying "We're getting killed out here!" not through radio or anything, he just says it