A common Ork symbol; there are many ork symbols, not one is an agreed upon symbol of the race.

"We'ze Orks! an' we'ze were made for fightin'! an winnin'!"


--Ork sayings and phrases

Orks, also known as Orsimer, or Greenskins, are a race of Mer (elves) that originated on the continent of Orsinium. Orks are green-skinned, porcine, barbaric, crude, and extremely warlike. They are possibly the most hated of any race of elf, as they are utterly agressive, brutal, and will kill anything, even each other.

Orks are in poor standing with nearly every other race on Earth, and they have a bad history with nearly every sentient species on the planet. They have been involved in many conflicts that threaten the safety of the world, and have claimed the lives of many races throughout Existence. Orks are, as a mortal race, considered to be the greatest enemy of all sentient life on the planet Earth, and one of the greatest threats to peace and order in all Existence.

Currently enraged at the humans, the orks vowed revenge. They attracted the attention of Kil'jaeden the Deceiver, who imbued them with special bloodthirst, turning them into even more violent, yet organized and united beings than before. They now serve the dreaded warlock Gul'dan faithfully, but little do they know that they are part of the demon lord's grand plan.



Armored Ork Nobz

Orks are possibly the most different from their Aldmer ancestors than any other of their Mer cousins. They appear to have degenerated; they are extremely hardy and can withstand a lot of damage, they are rather dim-witted, they have sunken in noses, large jaws of sharp teeth, hunched-backs, and not to mention, their aggressive and savage behavior. Their most prevalent relation to their cousins is their distinctive pointed ears. Orks, though savage and unintelligent, are currently the most advanced race of elf, and also among the most advanced races in Velous, rivaling the Sergals.


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Face of a Badlands Ork.

Orks are not too bright on average, remarkably warlike, and embark on huge wars simply for fun and sport. All of ork society revolves around war and killing, which they believe is the ultimate means of entertainment, recreation, as well as the only worthwhile way of life. Orks will even go to war with each other, and enjoy spilling each other's blood as much as they love killing anything else. However, under strong leadership, millions of orks can be rallied under a single banner, and little can stand before a WAAAGH! of that size. Orks are extremely populous, outnumbering the total populations of Mer and Men combined.

In a WAAAGH!, orks are organized as follows; at the lowest tier of the ork war society is the Gretchin or Grot which are small, relatively weak orkoids that are the eldest evolved form of ork. (Orks originally evolved from Grots, which are an offshoot of the Reiklings on Solstheim.). The most famed Gretchin of all time was Warboss' Hand Shub, who was the right hand ork of Warboss Grimskull during the Mythic Dawn Crisis. A Boy is the standard ork warrior, armed with a cleaver, chainsword, chain axe, or choppa, along with a one-handed gun. A Mekboy is an ork mechanic, which is in charge of producing weaponry and vehicles for the ork armada. An 'Ard Boy is a hardened Boy, bearing heavier weaponry and better armor. A Nob is a high ranking ork boy, always put in command of a mob or warband of orks. Above that is the Warboss and The Warlord, whom are put in charge of tribes, and WAAAGH!s, respectively. There is only one Warlord ork at a time.

The technology of the orks is maintained by a caste of ork Wierdboyz, who have genetic dispositions to work in several professions, the most notable being the Mekboyz, who produce technology and weaponry for the orks. They are very proficient in the use of crude mechanics, and so have developed space travel. They construct large machines of war to use whenever they embark on a WAAAGGHH! However, these mechanical works (guns, ships, and armor) are quite primitive, and it astounds many who have encountered orks that these objects even function properly.

1074x1084 4666 Black Orc Armor 2d fantasy orc warrior armor picture image digital art

An Ork Killmonga

With the rise of Gul'dan and the Fel Horde, new armors, weapons, and ranks have developed. Most of past ork technology and ranking remains the same, with new additions. Warbosses and Warlords are less common. The Killmongaz were created, a rank of fearsome orks wielding nigh unbreachable armor and huge, destructive melee weapons. Bloodthirsty and vicious, Killmongaz are the most feared class of ork in the Badlands of Orsinium. Ironbacks are hulking Nob brutes with scrap armor and massive two-hand weapons. They are used to smash defensive lines to pieces, as well as lead offensive charges.

Ork Ironback.

Notable Orks include:


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