Nurgle, also known as The Rot Father, The Horned Rat, or the Lord of Flies is the foul, wretched and cruel Dark God of Disease, Revulsion, Pain, and Curses. He is the founder of all diseases, the grand architect of the Black Plague, the father of fatal bacteria, and the dealer of all pain and curses. It is believed that he created pain and plague as a means of torturing mortals, because he hates mortals with a passion that possibly surpasses Aku's.

Unlike most of the other Dark Gods, Nurgle close to never directly associates with mortals. A vast majority of the time he spends on mortals involves spreading his foul and filthy blessings upon them.



Interaction with Mortals

Nurgle hates mortals with a burning passion. He close to never associates with them, much less speaks with them.

Nurgle's most notable business ventures with mortals include the creation of every disease and sickness in Existence, the engineering of the Black Plague, and the invention of pain. Nurgle created these things as a means to harm and torture mortals. Nurgle's only true culture of followers is found in the Skaven - fierce, ravenous ratmen who have mastered the arts of weaving disease and decay. The Skaven worship him in the form of the Great Horned Rat. Otherwise, Nurgle is hated by mortals, and he hates them more so.

However, in very rare instances, Nurgle may decide that a mortal may be a worthy tool for his purposes, a vessel for spreading decay and suffering. However, this is only if the mortal prays to Nurgle religiously, and indulges himself in sickness and horrid practices. Once the mortal has learned to love the disgusting blessings of the Unholy Father, finds the ecstasy in pain and torture, and cherishes the scent of decaying corpses, can one gain his favor. The mortal will be corrupted and turned into a Nurgling, and they would have the power to masterfully spread disease, and not suffer debilitating effects from pain. However, as is the case with all Dark Champions, their souls would be claimed by the Dark God, and they would become little more than food for their distended Dark Master.