The Moles are a species of moderate sized, sentient burrowing mammals with poor base eyesight and an outstanding sense of smell. Moles are, as a species, all hard working, productive members of society. Almost all moles on Earth select a job in the Mining Union, due to their mastery of digging. Moles are very socialist by nature, and they value hard work over idleness passionately. Moles are rarely seen outside their tunnels, and they are the world's main suppliers of raw minerals and other underground goods. The moles were responsible for the events of the Mining Union War .


Physiology and CultureEdit

Moles are on average, short, burly, intelligent, and tough. Moles have rather large, pointy noses with which they smell out points of interest in their subterranean tunnels. Moles have thick shovel claws to assist in digging, and moles are also very adept in mechanics. Moles, apart from being diggers, are inventors by trade. Evidence of that can be found in their incredible genetic engineering projects, and the massive digging machines that they use. Moles typically speak with a rather high-pitched voice, and they bear accents that resemble Russian accents. Though individually small, a mole is hardened by life underground in the tunnels. Moles can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and air qualities. Constant digging has ripped their muscles, and their natural hardiness allows them to take a lot of punishment. Their natural intelligence gives them the tactics and know-how that they need to survive underground, and on the battlefield. 

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