Molag Bal, also known as the Lord of Blood, the Eater of Souls and the Bane of Heroes, is the Dark god of Domination, Slavery, Corruption, and the Patron God of Vampires. Molag Bal is widely considered to be the most sadistic of all the Dark gods. He oversees all instances of slavery, and every subjugation of a group of people. He is fed by domination, and he is the creator of Vampires. He is one of the Darks most loyal to Aku.

Molag Bal loves to see mortals suffer and be dominated by the strong. Those that are strong and ferocious enough to become dominators, He rewards heftily, with great powers over mortals, the dead, and an incredible bloodlust. However in the end, this is all for naught, as Bal claims the souls of his followers after death. He savors devouring souls to feed his own power.

Molag Bal is often at odds with his fellow Dark God, Sithis. There is constant competition between these two beings over the souls of the dead. Bal seeks to devour souls to increase his power, whereas Sithis seeks to hoard them in order to increase his power. In addition, Bal's meddling into powers beyond death cause him to clash with Sithis, the Lord of Death.

Molag Bal is the center of worship for the sinister Cult of Blood, which his consort and faithful servant, the witch Maghda, currently leads.

History and Physiology 

Personality and Interaction with Mortals