Red corsairs emblem by steel serpent-d3aajim

The Rising Fist of the Union.

"For centuries, we peasant workers have been sent by the rich into the tunnels to die, from disease and famine! But that time has passed! All these years of toil are nearing their end - now, we take back our world!"

-Vincent McMole addressing his men.

The Mining Union, also called the Miner's Party, is a paramilitary labor union that is run by the Mole digger/miner class. The Mining Union bears striking resemblance (in terms of ideals) to the Soviet Bolshevik party. The Mining Union was created in the 2050s-2060s by Jack McMole, architect of Earth's raw mineral tunnels. The Union is strongly in favor of class equality, but also in the undeniable importance of the working class. In the mid 2100s, The Union, under the command of Jack's son, Vincent, struck the surface world in a lightning war of rapid dominance. Their true motives behind the invasion remain foggy, but what is known is that the poor worker-class moles were fed up with their treatment by wealthy surface-dwellers. During the entire Mining Union War, over a billion soldiers, and civilians lost their lives.

After the war's conclusion, the Mining Union was weakened greatly. Also, world governments placed restrictions on their activities. However, they were offered eventual redemption. This redemption would be granted to them if they agreed to hold off the marauding forces of the Locust Horde that dwelled below Earth's cities and mining tunnels alike. After agreeing, the Mining Union went into battle against the Locust, and still fights them today, to protect Earth's surface, and the Union's interests, from the subterranean monsters.



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