Eldar Rune

A symbol, icon, or rune that frequently appears in Elven societies. Thought to reference An-Riel, central deity of the High Elven pantheon.

Mer, known more commonly as Elves, are a humanoid species that reside on the planet Earth, in the tropical regions of Velous. Their origin remains something of a mystery, but it is believed that all mer evolved in ancient times from Rieklings, and as the millennia passed, they became the various races of elf that currently exist. The purest mer are typically characterized by their impressive height, lean build, angular faces, and elegant pointed ears. 

No one, not even historians, are quite sure when the first elven civilizations arose on Earth, but it is believed that the first and mightiest elven kingdom was the Merethi, which began over half a million standard years ago. This High Elf kingdom was said to be so great that it spread all across the breadth of Velous, and was blessed by the ancient dragons of those days. The Merethi were responsible for destroying much of ancient humanity's land in Velous and did battle against the human tribes during the legendary War of the Elders. 

Since the ancient days, the elves have fallen behind humans in terms of population, society, and technology, due to the brutal Skeksis invasions of the 3rd and 4th centuries. These devastating invasions saw most of the elven holdings in Velous, especially the High Elf kingdom of Mereth, ruined. 


Physiology and Culture

There are several races of Elves found across Velous:

  • The Altmer (High Elves, the Royal Ones)
  • The Drowmer (Dark Elves, the Night Ones)
  • The Bosmer (Wood Elves, the Wild Ones)
  • The Orsimer (Orks, the Green-Skins)