Mephisto, the vile Chaos Wizard.

Mephisto, also known as Mephisto of the Warp, Ghorolox, Vorous the Invincible (Sinmir), is a large goat-like being that became the figurehead of the ancient force known as Chaos during the "Age of Pandemonium" (6E 216-). He stands a startling 8 feet tall in his true form and is one of the two Chaos Lords (the other being Baal) that led the Razing of Existence.


Mephisto first came into being in the Warp where, similar to the relationship of matter and antimatter, was spawned as a byproduct of Discord in the Creation Era. He is classified as an Elder Patriarch of the Warp League, and achieved this rank after his valiant actions in the Hundred Years War (2E 2.9 Mil B.M.). After assissting and commanding many legions of chaos warriors essential to sacking of such influential empires as the Alicorn Empire and the Forerunner Empire (2E 2.9 Mil B.M.), he became dormant in meditation and has remained that way...until now.


Mephisto thinks himself a humble servant of The Warp and Chaos. He is conscious of his own powers, and so he is rightfully arrogant. He sees himself as a higher being than the creatures of Existence, even higher than the Gods themselves. Mephisto is the kind of person that wants the task done at any cost, regardless of consequences. Between the two Chaos Lords, he takes charge due to his aggressive nature.