Medusa, agent of Chaos and descendant of Apophis.

"Cut a hero deep enough and you will find the true coward inside."

- Medusa 

Medusa Stheno is a goddess-like being from The Warp, outside of Existence. She is a faithful and devoted servant of Chaos, and she is Lord Baal's right hand. She is a descendant of the original being of evil, the monster Y'Shaarj. She has the power to change herself into a large and horrifying Gorgon cobra, and she has the ability to turn victims to stone. She has very powerful magical vectors that look like snakes, and she calls on them in battle. Medusa, along with her masters, Mephisto and Baal, entered our Existence during the 2160s and laid waste to the realms within it.


Personality and PowersEdit


Hooded Medusa.

Medusa, like her ancestor Y'Shaarj and her lords, Mephisto and Baal, is downright evil and sadistic. She is extremely cunning and sly. She swears loyalty to no one but her Chaos Lords. She holds contempt for all other beings and seeks to kill as many of them as possible. 

Medusa has many powers. She has the ability to transform into a large humanoid-cobra hybrid, a beast known as the Gorgon. In ths form, she has the strength in her coil to crush towers and constrict opponents with intense bone-crushing force. She has very powerful psychic powers that allow to create many powerful vectors that resemble snakes. These snakes sprouting from her lurch out at her enemies with great speed and attack. Their bites are venomous enough to kill or severely wound all but the strongest enemies in a single strike. Medusa also has the trademark gorgon power; the ability to turn victims to stone. Her glare, regular or gorgon, has the power to turn any living being to stone. To finish off her opponent, she uses her tail or fist to smash the statue to pieces.

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