Mannoroth, also known as The Destructor, and The Lord of the Burning Onslaught is the terrible general of the Burning Legion's armies invading Mundus. He is the supreme commander of the Legion's military in Mundus, and personally oversees the conquest and destruction of worlds the Legion comes across in this reality.

A great beast of a demon, Mannoroth is massive, and a truly mighty prescence. He is the voice that pressured his master, Archimonde, to once again ravage Heraklon as they did aeons ago. Violent and pragmatic, he is the fiercest warrior in the Legion, and his brilliance is only surpassed by Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. Mannoroth and his armies are feared and whispered about in legends.

Currently, he serves his Master in conquest and destruction across the Universe. He, along with Archimonde, plots the invasion of Mundus as we speak, and the destruction of all Creation.


Personality and Abilities

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