"I am no mere servant of Darkness...I am Darkness incarnate. All who deny the darkness, deny me. And all who deny me meet their everlasting pain at my hands."

Malefor, also known as Malefor the Eternal, and The Dark Master, is an immensely powerful Dragon dark sorcerer. Due to his obsessions with taking revenge on the Gods, destroying Blue Team and their allies, and his constant returns to Mundus after his many defeats, he is said to be the "Eternal Enemy" of our world. Malefor is one of the last of the dragons, and by far the most magically gifted of them all.

Malefor is infamous for being tempted by The Dark Gods to a life of darkness, in return for untold godly powers. He betrayed his own people, the dragons, and oversaw their slaughter in what became known as the Fall of the Dragons. Over a millenia later, he returned to wage a terrible war against the world, and after that he returned yet again, creating and ruling the New World Order, which ravaged the world for several years. Malefor is overall considered to be powerful enough to be counted amongst the Dark Gods, though he abandoned their servitude long ago.

After his banishment from Mundus after the Mythic Dawn War, he happened across a time rift, and used it to arrive in a different reality known asAraboth. Here, he joined forces with the ancient aspect of destruction, Deathwing. He ended up joining with the Burning Legion, in a war against all creation. During his time with the Legion, he requested that they resurrect dragons loyal to him for an army. Kil'jaeden granted his request, and with these loyal dragons, Malefor created the Dark Dragonflight.

Ancient History

Malefor was born around the same time as the Messiah. (That would make Malefor over 2,100 years old). Malefor was born into a wealthy dragon clan, House Berundem. It is believed that even at a hatchling age, he had the mark of the Dark Gods in him. He had an older brother, Balefyre, who was a paragon of magic and prodigy of House Berundem. Both of the young dragons were sent off to be educated in the arts of magic, as is dragon custom. Malefor displayed an incredible amount of skill with all schools of magic; Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, and Illusion. He mastered the many elements of magic: The Light elements-- Wind, Earth, Water, Aether, Nature, and Light. And he also mastered the Dark elements--Fire, Storm, Poison, Ice, Pestilence, and Darkness.

Though he mastered all these elements, Malefor was far more beguiled by the Dark elements. Malefor saw purity in the dark elements, and he believed that he could become enlightened if he studied these elements. He would practice these dark elements in secret, growing his mastery of dark magic. As direct creations of Auriel, all dragons were naturally good, so Malefor's interest in dark magic caused nervousness among other dragons. Malefor's actions began to raise eyebrows among his mentors and peers, as they knew well that in-depth study of the dark elements could cause madness, possession, or worse, could bring the wielder towards the Dark Gods. Malefor was inching closer towards the terrible truth of the dark elements, and the darkness inside him grew with every single spell he learned. After receiving multiple warnings of his actions, Malefor murdered a fellow student using a spell of his own creation. Whether this was intentional or not remains unknown. This act resulted in Malefor being expelled from the academy of magic, and he was also forced to flee Berona. This did not discourage him, however. Malefor flew across the vast seas to Terra, and living in exile, he continued to practice the Dark arts in private, growing ever stronger. Using his powerful alteration magics and sheer will, Malefor crafted himself a massive mountain, which he dubbed "The Well of Souls". He lived in exile here for many years, furthering his knowledge of the dark powers, and eventually, he discovered the truth of these magics.


Malefor, the Dark Master.

Malefor was contacted by Nezoth, the Dark God of secrets and the unknown. Nezoth told Malefor that the Darks were pleased with his continuous study of the black magics. Nezoth offered Malefor a tempting bargain; serve the Dark gods, and in exchange, they give him godlike powers and untold wisdom. Malefor accepted, the darkness having beguiled him to the point of no return. Malefor's first assignment was ghastly; To slaughter his own kind in cold blood (The Darks hate dragons because they are an earthly symbol of their worst enemy, Anurel). Again, Malefor accepted. As a result, Malefor became the only dragon that the Darks looked favorably upon. Malefor gathered together his loyal allies - including his corrupted brother Balefyre, friend Nefarian, and his consort Zonoya. He was eager to slaughter the fools who called him an evil child, though he sought purity and enlightenment. At this point, he saw the light magics as evil, and the dark elements holy. However, Malefor needed a plan if he wanted to destroy his people. He could not hope to do so alone. He needed an army.

A year later of searching, and Malefor found what he needed. On the distant island of Harmugstahl, there lived a primitive, brutal, and savage race of Apes. They loved to fight and kill, and hated their dragon overlords. Malefor saw them as the perfect army. The dark dragon invaded the mind of the so-called King of Apes, Gaul, and convinced them into his service. The apes joined Gaul and Malefor without question, equally eager to kill dragons. Malefor had them fashion weapons and armor, the likes of which were created by dragon artificers. Confident, Malefor returned to the dragon homeland, Berona, this time, not as a nieve young hatchling, but as a vile warlord with an army of bloodthirsty ape barbarians.

Suddenly and without warning, Malefor ordered the apes to slaughter all the dragons they found, and to leave none alive. The apes began in earnest. Though individual apes were little to no match for a fully-grown dragon, the traitor spared no expense in his recruitment - the apes numbered in the tens of thousands, and they swarmed across the land with no regard for their own safety or survival, only the utter destruction of their dragon overlords. The many dragons of Berona fought bravely but, in the end, it was futile, for the apes kept coming, and their savagery combined with their lack of honor proved fatal to the dragons. It turned into a slaughter. Malefor watched gleefully, the hate consuming his soul. The apes burned down sacred temples of the Divines, libraries of ancient knowledge, and anything else they could find. The dragon hatcheries were ravaged, all the eggs being smashed or even cooked to make food. Such carnage continued for months, the dragons fighting valiantly but, in the end, the savage and seemingly numberless apes were victorious. Malefor even killed his brother, suspicious of him wanting power. In the end, there were vitually no surviving dragons in Atmah. Faithful to their word, The Darks rewarded him with unfathomable godlike powers, and infinite wisdom.

Deeply hurt by the cold slaughter of his precious children, Anurel himself descended upon Malefor, and banished him within his mountain, sealing shut the gaping gates of that evil place, putting Malefor into a deep slumber. Anurel hoped and believed that Malefor would be sealed away forever, never to harm Atmah again.

He was wrong.

Modern History

Almost two thousand years later, during the time of Blue Team, Malefor stirred within his mountain once again. He had congregated enough power to once again wake into the world. Now, he was stronger than ever before.

Immediately, Malefor was disgusted with the world he awakened to. He used his vast summoning magics to give life to legions of vile elemental minions to do his bidding. For the first time in two thousand years, the gates of the Well of Souls opened, and his minions poured out to wreak destruction once again. This event became known as Malefor's War. From his throne deep within the mountain, Malefor commanded his minions as they battled the forces of Earth.

The UNSC, Blue Team, and even Cerberus teamed up and struggled to beat back the tides of minions, ultimately succeeding, and forcing them to retreat. In the final campaign of the war, the Assault on The Mountain, both sides pitted everything they had against each other. The Earth Alliance charged against Malefor's defensive while Blue Team snuck into the mountain to stop Malefor directly. Outside, the forces of Earth were being demolished, slowly losing ground and men to the minions. However, Blue Team reached the dark throne in time, and confronted Malefor. After an intense but short battle, Malefor defeated Blue Team, but before he could destroy them, the heroes were empowered by Anurel, and they defeated him in the last moment. Malefor's hold over his minions was lost, and they all collapsed into lifeless piles. The great mountain lost its master, and it too crumbled, as Blue Team raced to flee the collapse. They escaped, and Malefor was perceived dead during the collapse of the mountain. They could not have been more wrong.