Lord Zor'lok of the Highbreed, high representative of the Mantid.

"Ours is not to question, nor falter. Only to act, in the name of the Empress."

Lord Klik'thik Zor'lok, also known as The Voice, is the supreme leader of the Mantid species in the Highbreed Empire. He is an ancient, tall creature of immense wisdom and tactical genius, not to mention arcane skill. He stands as equal with Lei Shen the Thunder King and High Priest Jalak in the supreme hierarchy of the Highbreed.

Zor'lok was the one put in charge of defeating the Anannaki in ancient times. Though he and his mantid were largely successful against the Anannaki, they were outsmarted and defeated in the end. Zor'lok takes this defeat very personally, and has since vowed to redeem himself in the eyes of the Thunder King.

Zor'lok has been enlightened by many millenia of living, and as a result, has become comparable to a God in his power. His arcane power is surpassed only by Jalak, and his tactical prowess by none. He is swift, brutal and decisive, while still retaining patience and a cool head. This puts him as the finest mind in the Highbreed Empire. He is not, however, the leader of the entire mantid race. He is still just a representative, on behalf of his superior, the Mantid Empress Shek'zeer.



Zor'lok of the Mantid.

Personality and Abilities