The Lich King, King of the Jyruuk, Lord of the Dead, and enemy of the Gods.

"Foolish puppets, do you honestly think that you are protected? The Gods have no power over me, I am the herald of death, none can escape my grasp."

The Lich King, also known as the Lord of the Dead, Jailor of Sithis, or the King of the Scourge, was a human king of a civilization known as the Jyruuk . After migrating from his old lands, he and his people landed in Northrend in Vilous.

Seeing his people die quickly from cold and famine, the King pleaded to the Dark God Sithis for help. Sithis agreed, but only if the King waged war against the Divines. The King agreed, and was granted powers over death and shadow by the Death God himself. With these powers, he created the undead Scourge, resurrecting a huge number of his fallen men, deforming them into dark creatures of death. In time, his war caused the deaths of a few Divines. As punishment, Auriel flash froze Northrend, freezing the King and the Jyruuk, so that they may never do harm again.

However, close to two thousand years later, after the Mythic Dawn War, during Sithis' defeat, he resurrected the Lich King, his undead champion from thousands of years before. The Lich King's awakening brought back the Scourge to life, now stronger than ever. The Lich King continued his noble work and heped start the Black Diamond War, where the ancient god Dadomay was brought back into Existence .

For a long time after the Black Diamond War, the Lich King was off the radar, no one knew what became of him. Many considered him dead, but many others believe not.



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