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Lei Shen, lord of the Mogu, and the Master of the Highbreed Empire.

"I am the Highbred! He who was chosen to mold and forge creation however I see fit!"

Lei Shen the Thunder King, also known as The Lord of the Highbreed , or the Highbred is an ancient warrior-king who united the Mogu people in Araboth's ancient history. After taking to the stars, he allied himself with other mighty empires, notably the Zandalari and the Mantid Empires. Together, they formed the Highbreed Empire, a force consisting of thousands of planets, countless warriors, and incredible power.

All those millenia ago, the Highbreed pursued their goal of purging the Universe of weakness, and the supremacy of the Highbreed in all creation. Lei Shen himself is the most brutal, ruthless, and powerful mogu in Creation. He is by far the mightiest of the three hierarchs in the Highbreed, and not someone to trifle with. He is widely perceived to be a god because of his might, intelligence, natural leadership, and perhaps most importantly, his mastery of primordial forces of the cosmos. His power goes beyond simple strength of arm or even magic. Lei Shen has the ability to command lightning, thunder, storms, and all sorts of destructive forces of nature.  

Lei Shen leads the Highbreed once more against those he deems as lesser, or unworthy of life. Commanding the powers of storm, he plans to end this war the same way he began it; through his own might and his belief in the fate of his people.


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The mighty Thunder King Lei Shen, emperor of the Highbreed, and lord of the mogu.

Personality and Powers