Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, also called the Dark Mistress, is a Dark Elf, and queen of the Uuruk Fellowship in Heraklon. She is one of the few of her kind to abandon the Drowmer Empire for a more combat-oriented life. She gained control of the Uuruk uprising, which at the time was struggling for freedom from the Alliance. After becoming Queen, she ordered the Uuruk against the Alliance completely, demanding the complete extinction of their enemies. Thus began the War of Heraklon, a conflict that would seize the planet for decades.

Sylvanas is the daughter of Malekith the Witch King, supreme leader of the elusive and powerful Dark Elf Empire. As a result, she was (and still is) held in utmost esteem. She is brilliant, cunning and swift, a fierce combatant and strategist. She is feared across Heraklon for her violent campaigns, her ruthless nature, and her cold brilliance.


Born Sylvanas Fyra Liranni, she was the eldest daughter of Malekith the Witch King, Ruler of the Dark Elves, and an unidentified mother. Sylvanas was born with a very special trait; her long ears. In Dark Elf culture, longer ears are a mark of beauty and prestige. She was born with very long ears, which earned her much fame even as a child. She was named Princess, technically heir to the throne of Shadowfell, although she reflects now that her father would likely have never given up the position. As she grew, she was trained extensively in the arts of combat and battle tactics (as is tradition among Dark Elf royalty). It seemed as though she had her whole life made. Still, she was not content with waiting for her time of power to come. She wanted instant power.


When Sylvanas came of age (around 200 years old - she was still a young woman), she announced her abandoning of the Dark Elf empire. Almost all were very shocked at this, and there was much outrage throughout the empire, including from her father, Malekith. He strangely did nothing to stop her however, and Sylvanas went on her way to the world outside the confines of the isolationist Dark Elf lands of Shadowfell. Little did she know that the moon was gripped in heated war between the Uuruk rebellion and the Alliance of Order. Determined to bring her influence upon the world, she decided to join the Uuruk rebellion.

With her intimidating presence and sharp tongue for politics, she seized control of the Uuruk. She soon transformed the large rebellion into an empire bent on tearing down the oppression of the Alliance. She appointed her generals, Trade-Prince Gallywix of the Goblins, King Raggis of the Virmen, Boss Hogger of the Gnolls, Warlord Squealer of the Quilboars, Chieftain Yngwie of the Pygmys, Fathomlord Vordraka, and Lady Lynn of the Worgen. First among all these however, was Warlord Kai of the Yaungol, the first to side with her as well as her personal favorite. Indeed, eventually rumors circulated about what exactly the nature of their relationship truly was.

Her generals made up a great council to lead her massive, reformed super-empire. Of course, Sylvanas still held absolute control, and all decisions went through her. Finally satisfied, she gained all the power she dreamed of and more.

She commanded the Uuruk Empire to wage all-out war against the Alliance, beginning the Heraklon War. Since then, she has been feared as a cruel and ruthless queen, one whose name carries much weight throughout the world. She has even gained the admiration of the evil dragon Drakuljonak.


Personality and Abilities

Lady Sylvanas is incredibly serious. She has very, very little to no sense of humor, and she considers every one of her actions to be strictly for the purpose of her own advancement. She takes failure very personally, believing any loss to be her own fault. As a result, her efforts are redoubled in the next engagement, learning from her mistakes and becoming twice as determined and vicious. She is arrogant, looking down on any and all creatures below her (with the exception of her generals). She is cruel, cutting down anyone and anything that dares cross her. She is bloodthristy, seeking the destruction of all her enemies in no less than the most violent way existing.

Sylvanas is extremely skilled in hand to hand combat. She has mastered the use of daggers, swords, bows, and even heavier greatswords.However, she prefers the simplicity and brutal efficiency of her bow, "Night Terror" (which she earned as a Queen-in-training). Her bow is long, and enchanted in deadly magic that poisons any arrow, and taints the arrowhead further with dark essence that eats away at a target's flesh. The poison in her bow was specially designed to kill slowly, to ensure a painful and horrible end. She wears ancient, revealing dark elf armor typically worn by powerful rangers (almost always royalty). Her armor may look scarce, but it is immensely powerful, enchanted by old and powerful elf magics that are capable of many powers.

Sylvanas also uses a frightening dagger that she named "Scorpion Sting", because upon every strike, the blade delivers a crippling, powerful venom that eats at flesh and kills the nervous system, killing the victim slowly. It is exotic-looking, curved, jagged, and very deadly. Sylvanas, with her dagger, is capable of simultaneously effortlessly dueling and slaying multiple enemies with larger weapons.