Krogan MP

An armored krogan warrior.

Krogan are a race of extragalactic, bipedal, turtle-like reptilians native to the planet Tuchanka in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are large, physically imposing and brutal by nature. Krogan are members of the Andromeda Treaty  and serve as shock troops and heavy infantry for the Treaty's military. They are often clad in heavy armor and wield only the most powerful weaponry, and they usually form the strongest point in any squad of Treaty Soldiers. A single armored Krogan has the strength to obliterate nearly any soldier throughout the Andromeda and Milky Way, with the plausible exception of a very high-ranking Ork . Krogan are very tall, and are at least 9 feet tall on average. Krogan culture, like that of the orks', is dominated by war and fighting. Krogan believe that all problems can be solved with violence.


Physiology and CultureEdit

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