Kil'jaeden the Deceiver is the legendary, feared, and supreme leader of the Burning Legion, serving as the right hand of the evil god Sargeras. He is an ancient, immortal sorcerer of the Eredar race. Found and employed by the fallen Brother of Order, Kil'jaeden was given the rank of Lord of the Legion. He was empowered directly by Sargeras, given enough power to become like a god. Faithfully he served his dark master, shattering whole worlds and commanding his unstoppable forces against ancient civilizations.

Calculating, brutal, and merciless, Kil'jaeden earned the title "Deceiver" for all the hapless people and races he has fooled or beguiled into serving the Legion. If Kil'jaeden is the right hand of Sargeras, then his brother, Archimonde, serves as the evil god's left hand.

Currently, Kil'jaeden watches over the Burning Legion's rampage across Araboth, and as part of his latest venture, oversees the war being raged against his foes in Mundus, entrusted to his brother Archimonde.


Personality and Abilities