"Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

-Warcry for worshippers of Kharne

Kharne, also known as the Lord of Ruin, the All-Destroyer and the Father of Orks, Is one of the remaining Dark Gods, and the bloodthirsty Dark God of War, Killing, and Hatred. Due to all the War and Hate circulating about Existence, Kharne is considered to be the strongest Dark God apart from Aku himself. When war is waged, or if hate is acted upon, or when aggression is unleashed in the mortal realms, Kharne's strength grows. Being the God of War, Kharne is the greatest soldier and warrior in all of Existence. His skill in combat is unmatched by any mortal or god alike. 

Kharne often takes on the form of a mighty, muscled upright dark pig monster. Across his body and his neck are glowing red runes that denote violence, slaughter, and war in the ancient Ada language. Carved horns protrude from his shoulders and massive carved tusks protrude from his hideous face. 


Kharne is one of Anurel's many cousins, born of the deity Aetheria before the dawn of time.

Aku began questioning Anurel's leadership, and began a rebellion that came to be known as the Aetherium War. Those gods who sided with him became the Darks; Kharne himself was included in this grouping. While this conflict raged, Kharne, a fierce and mighty warrior, killed many of his fellow gods, but still, the holy strength of Anurel was too much, and the Darks lost the war. When the Darks retreated to various pockets of Existence, Kharne created The Killing Field as his personal realm. 

The Killing Field is a realm where the land is made out of the bones, skulls, and flesh from those who died in his name. Across the bonescape, there are also lakes of blood from those who died in his name. At the center of the realm, sitting in a massive throne of bones and skulls, known as the Skull Throne, is the terrifying God of War himself, watching over the death and war that is constantly being waged across Existence. 

Personality and Interaction with MortalsEdit

Kharne is one of the Dark Gods more willing to interact with mortals - he sees their petty wars and battles as amusing and useful for advancing his power.  

Throughout history, Kharne has been prayed to by warriors or soldiers who seek his blessing before stepping into war. Kharne will give minor blessings to warriors who seek his guidance, however those who devote themselves to war and combat will find they gain more and more power from Kharne directly.  

Those who submit themselves to the War God can become champions of Kharne. Some mortal warriors choose this path because it grants the warrior great strength, endurance, stamina, and skill with weapons. However, as a price, Kharne claims the mortal's soul. The mortal becomes a slave to Kharne, and when the mortal dies, he becomes scattered bones added to the bony landscape of The Killing Field. 

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