Jack intro

Handsome Jack, chairman of Cerberus.

"Cerberus is the future of humanity. All of us need to step up, and do our part to destroy our non-visionary brethren, and all who oppose the advancement of humanity. Know this, my friends, I will ensure humanity's survival, even if I have to burn down the entire planet."

-Handsome Jack giving his inaugural speech.

Handsome Jack, also called Jack, is the current chairman of the radical human supremacy group Cerberus. Jack and the group he represents, Cerberus, are considered by the government to be terrorists (which he is), but Jack sees himself as a visionary. He believes that humanity deserves to be the greatest species in the universe, and there is nothing he would rather see than humanity ruling all Existence, with the rest of the aliens, pokemon, "furries", and even the gods themselves, bowing at humanity's feet. Jack is described as a sadistic, cruel, and even insane man. He enjoys killing everything not human with a passion, but he will also kill other humans without a second thought. The only humans that he kills, however, he calls "non-visionaries", which basically means that they oppose the thought of humanity ruling the cosmos with an iron, tyrannical fist. During the alien invasions of the 2150s, Handsome Jack was responsible for the death of Satellizer Bridgett, a long-time member of Blue team . For this reason, Blue team has vowed revenge on Jack for the death of one of their good friends. However, Jack only takes amusement from this motive. 



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