Gretchin or Grots are a small, typically weak race of orkoid that is an offshoot of the Riekling species on Solstheim. They live on Orsinium, the home continent of the Orks, and they are the predecessor race of the modern orks we know today. They are commonly used as foot soldiers and cannon fodder by their larger ork cousins.



A Gretchin light soldier.

Old records tell that in the ancient past, before the rise of the Elven empires, the primitive Reiklings of the isle of Solstheim had a civil war amongst themselves. One side called themselves the Reiks, the other were known as the Grots. They fought for unknown reasons, but regardless, after many long and bloody years, the warlike Grots were defeated. These Grots abandoned Solstheim and fled by boat to the continent of Orsinium. Here, they discovered a mysterious plant-like fungus known only as Gthaartuzy, which they took a tasty liking to, and it became their primary diet on Orsinium.

This fungus eventually turned their skin green, and gave them a curious ability to reproduce at an alarming rate. Over time, this fungus became symbiotic to their very beings, and evolved them rather quickly. After barely a few thousand years the first Orks were beginning to take shape amongst their pups. These orks eventually became the leaders of their society, and amplified the Grots already prevalent lust for war, or, as these new orks called it, WAAAAAGGGGHHH! These new creatures called themselves Orks, and their Grot ancestors Gretchin. They made themselves the head of society, and the Gretchin their subordinates. These new orks, unlike the Gretchin, grow at astounding rates for their whole lives. Gretchin hardly grow at all. The largest orks grew to be immense sizes of up to 14-15 feet, whereas the Gretchin hardly grow above 4. As a result, these Gretchin could not hope to question their ork cousins. The orks and gretchin collaborated together and began forming simple technologies and machines for war. Eventually, after continued work and war, the orks became the most advanced race of mer. Ever since, the gretchin have been foot soldiers and cannon fodder amongst the ork ranks.


Gretchin nowadays are sent in large packs to take out enemies, or to serve as distractions while larger orks move into position.

However, the most notable and esteemed Gretchin of all time was the War-Marshall Shub, the right hand of Warboss Grimskull during the events of the Mythic Dawn Crisis. He is one of the extremely few Gretchin to ever gain respect from the orks, and the only one to gain the respect of a Warboss, and the only one to ever serve as his right hand War-Marshall.

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