Warlord Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter was a large, powerful and legendary Ork Warlord who was the head of the orks during the Wasteland Wars. He wears a heavy set of mega armor, with a servo-eye, a large iron-jaw, and very large horns adorned on his head armor. He was the leader of the Evil Sunz klan, and he led the orks to a position of great power in the Wastelands which led to him becoming one of the most prominent figures on the planet at the time. He was very fond of sticking his enemies heads atop his "pointy stikk". 

He was feared for his immense brutality, bloodthirstiness, and tactical prowess. He almost singlehandedly crushed all opposition to the orks, and, were it not for his death at the hands of Blue Team, might have taken control of the entire world.


Gorgutz's history predates his other famous ork comrades by many years. Gorgutz, like all other orks, started off as a simple Boy. He was a warrior of the Evil Sunz klan, which participated in several campaigns against the Elves of Mereth, the Sergals of Argos, and the Beastfolk of Berona . Even before Gorgutz became a Warboss or Nob, he was famed for his acts of utter brutality on the battlefield such as; decapitating his enemies to spear their heads on his "pointy stikk", skinning his enemies alive, dismemberment, and he was even known to eat his enemies's flesh after he killed them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

As he progressed through the ranks and became exponentially stronger and bigger, he earned more and more respect. During the time that he was a Big Nob, he was in command of an 'Ard Boy that would come to be known as Grimskull, and a Boy called Krolag. Eventually, he became a Warboss who served under an unidentified Warlord. After a dispute the two orks had, Gorgutz challenged the Warlord's "orkiness" in a duel to the death. To everyone's surprise, Gorgutz killed his superior, claimed his head, and then took the title of Warlord of the orks. This is when he earned his title "Ead Unter", for his notorious obsession with collecting the heads of his greatest enemies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter 2

Warlord Gorgutz was a hero to the orkish people, revered for his immense strength, fearless leadership, and his sheer unbridled brutality. Here he leads his orks into battle.

During Gorgutz's time as the Warlord, he led the Evil Sunz and other orks on many glorious conquests of WAAAGH and slaughter throughout Velous . Gorgutz even led his WAAAGH against Mining Union bases, COG and UNSC fortresses, and bastions of the New World Order, each assault leaving nothing but bodies and wreckage in his wake. Then, during the time of the War of Pawns, the High Mages of Hell burned parts of Earth's surface to ash. Gorgutz and many orks survived, and throughout the period following, they plagued the wastelands with merciless raids, attacks, and assaults on the remaining civilizations. 

Gorgutz himself travelled around the wastes in his capital Forktress, the Big Bugga, with which he would personally assault cities or fortresses. Sometimes he would lead groups of up to 7 Forktresses into battle at once, depending on the importance of the target. Under Gorgutz's leadership, the orks became among the most technologically advanced and feared species on the planet during the Wasteland Wars. Gorgutz became so popular that the very mention of his name was enough to strike fear into the hearts of those who encountered orks. With their mighty war machines they waged war on any civilized life on the planet, and Blue Team as well. He was a powerful enemy to Blue Team, as he would chase them around the Wastes and beyond in his attempts to kill them. This began the rivalry between the orks and Blue Team.

In their quest to end Aku's influence on the world, Blue Team sought to kill Gorgutz. Gorgutz knew this would happen though, and he was expecting them. Blue team narrowly passed through the Big Bugga's defense gun batteries, and boarded the walking fortress itself. After facing intense ork resistance, Blue Team reached Gorgutz's command bridge. Realizing that his defenses didn't hold back Blue team, he escaped to the top floor, where he would be picked up by a Minelayer dropship. Blue team followed him up though, and Gorgutz decided to face them, 1 to 5 (the five being Lucario, Snake, Pikachu, and Yoko.). Blue team heavily underestimated the Warlord, as he brutally battered every member of Blue team. Right when Gorgutz was about to deal the killing blow on Lucario, Lucario stabbed the Warlord in the face with the Godblade, because no other weapon hurt him. After violently twisting the blade, Lucario drove it in deeper, and these actions caused Gorgutz's head to explode into a giant gush of brains and flesh, killing the Warlord instantly and ending his threat to the world.

Gorgutz is honored by all ork warbosses and warlords alike, and his death is often the motive of all ork bosses to kill Blue team, among these are Warboss Grimskull, Boss Krolag, Second-Boss Shub , and Warlord Ghazgkhull Mag Uruk Thraka 

Personality and Equipment

Warlord Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter wore a very bulky and heavy set of yellow and checkered Mega Armor, he had a Servo Eye for advanced vision, he had a very large Iron Jaw to display his rank; prestige; and power, his head was adorned with very large horns to show his strength, and he wielded a big shoota on one arm, and a massive Power Klaw in the other. Gorgutz was a very fearsome sight, as his immense size, and impressive yet intimidating armor and weapons made him look like a great monster. He was feared by all who knew him, and deeply respected by all orks.