General RAAM was the feared and infamous general of the Locust Horde from its creation to about the time of its most recent receding during the Mythic Dawn War. RAAM, a theron guard turned general, was widely considered to be one of the most despicable, yet incredibly successful military leaders ever seen on Earth, and undoubtably the greatest leader of the Locust Horde.

RAAM was exalted among the Locust Horde. In terms of appearance, RAAM was monstrously tall, hulking, and nothing short of terrifying. His face alone was said to strike absolute fear into the hearts of his enemies, and would leave them scarred forever afterwards, if they were lucky enough to survive the encounter. Despite his brutal appearance, RAAM was brilliant, calculating, and surprisingly quiet. RAAM almost never spoke, preferring to let his actions speak for themselves. He only spoke to his fellow general Skorge. In fact, during the Mythic Dawn War, where the Locust allied themselves with Veigar, and RAAM became a part of the inner council, many among the Dawn were not only fear-struck at his presence, but also surprised at how little he spoke. When he did speak, his voice sounded like a loud, hoarse whisper that sent chills down the spines of even the most hard-stomached leaders.

RAAM lead the Locust Horde to victory many times, making them a feared and undeniably threatening presence on the planet. It is rumored that RAAM has never lost a fight. After the Mythic Dawn collapsed and the war ended, the Locust Horde receded once again to the underground. Not much is known about what happened to RAAM; some believe he died during the war, others believe he still lives. Regardless, the Locust are still a threat, and are currently being combatted by the Mining Union. It seems likely that since the Locust are still organized and attempting to conquer the surface, that RAAM may still lead them from within their hollow.