Gangs is a term given colloquially to groups of crime which are united by common themes, may or may not adopt a particular uniform or appearance, and are well organized/led. The most noteworthy gangs are large, influential, and at times quite dangerous. There are many gangs across Earth, but most of the prominent ones are located in the United states.  

These groups are scourges of the government, and are ongoing adversaries of ordered society, as well as a frequent enemy which Blue Team and others must overcome. 

The Gangs

There are many gangs all across America, but the most powerful ones are listed here:

The Ronin: A grouping of disciplined, fearsome warriors who favor stealth, subtlety, and honor. Highly traditional in their philosophies, they see themselves as "dishonored" by modern society for whatever reason, and seek to find honor and retribution in slaying their foes and dying well. 

The Luchadores : A clan of steroid junkies that wear mexican wrestling costumes and tend to favor over-sized high power weaponry. The luchadores are very aggressive, and they are obsessed with strength. Their leader is the brutal Eddie "Killbane" Pryor.

The ClownsA deranged gang of masked men who all wear clown-like masks or facepaint. The Clown Gang members are typically psychopaths with dangerous mental issues, and they all are murderers. They always carve smiles into the faces of their victims. Their leader is the maniacal psychopath The Joker.

Cobra : An advanced organization of armored thugs that seek to enslave the masses and place themselves at the highest caste of society. They are ex-Cerberus that removed themselves because of Cerberus' reserved methods.