Elcor extraction diplomat

An elcor.

Elcor are a race of quadruped aliens from the high-gravity world of Dekuuna, in the Andromeda Galaxy. Elcor walk on four legs to support their massive bodies, and they have very tough skin. The elcor are a race of the Andromeda Treaty, and they are fully sentient. They are a clan/tribe based culture, and they have space travel, and are rather advanced. Due to their immense size and natural strength, elcor take on the role of being living tanks for the ground infantry of the Treaty. 


Physiology and Culture

Mass effect elcor warriors by lipatov-d50d2p0

Elcor soldiers in combat.

The giant bodies of elcor are supported by four muscular legs, and so as a result, they don't move too fast. However, they have naturally hard, thick skin, and are extremely resilient to weather, temperature, and the elements. They are extremely strong, and they are also intelligent. Elcor, like krogan , have very long lifespans, and a single one can live for thousands of years. They have developed space travel, and have developed very functional, durable power armor. Each elcor soldier comes equipped with a set of said armor, and an anti-gravity heavy cannon mounted on their backs. 

Despite their imposing stature and skill in battle, elcor in no way enjoy war. Unlike the krogan or vorcha, they do not go to war for sport or tradition. They are, in fact, very docile creatures. However, should the need arise, the elcor will fight hard and strong. Elcor, like their allies in the Coup, did not support a "democratic" system of government, where the individual is oppressed and suppressed by an omnipotent government. They believed in local leadership, like tribes and clans. They felt that family leadership is the most trustworthy government of all. As a result, they sided with the Coup in the uniting war of the Andromeda 1000 years ago. 

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