Eggman Sonic Boom profile

Portrait of Dr. Eggman, leader of the Egg Empire.

Emperor Ivo "Dr. Eggman" Robotnik, also known as Dr. Robotnik, is a large human, the current Emperor of Mars, the kingpin of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and a very prevalent opponent of Earth. He heads the Egg Empire, the primary political/military authority on the planet of Mars. Though he is Mars' Emperor, and a member of the Sol Alliance, he is no friend of Earth.

Robotnik is one of the few human leaders to have ever caused harm to other humans and Earth. He bears many goals in common with the rogue human organization Cerberus, and they have even asked him for alliances in the past. However, Robotnik has turned them down every time, as he has little respect for Cerberus.



Dr. Eggman.


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