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Corvo Atano

Corvo Atano was the former President of the United States, as well as a assassin-for-hire. He and his wife Kitsupiramon decieved their way into the highest official place reachable in the government, then turned their backs on their own country, turning it into a dictatorship. He is an avid worshipper of Håågen Dazs and even keeps a moderately sized idol of the God on the oval office desk

Corvo Atano was born in Naples, Italy, under the name Giovanni Atano. He was a victim of poverty, his father was a carpenter and his mother was a barmaid. Neither of them had much of an education, and neither of them got much buisiness. Corvo never got an education above 2nd grade, but he was a very intelectual person, he could scam a beggar out of his last euro. At the age of 18, Corvo fled Italy after he was caught smuggling weapons in and out of the country. He then joined up with a then-infamous pirate gang called The Smokers . When Corvo made a name among The Smokers, The Deacon took to calling him "The Raven" which later caused Corvo himself to change his name to Corvo; "The Raven" in italian.

Corvo rose swiftly through the ranks of the Smokers and eventually became something of a son the the Deacon. After the Deacon's death by Bowser, Corvo became the leader of the Smokers. A shadow of what they once were, they continued to raid ships and ports, but they were not nearly as feared as they used to be. The pirate gang later adopted the name "The Gearheads ".

Corvo later met his wife, Kitsupiramon, and they conspired the idea of running for political office to boost their influence in the world. Corvo used every dirty trick in the book against his political enemies, from assassination, to simple sabotage. After the other presidential candidates were mysteriously put out of the election, Corvo won by default, and during his inauguration, cracked down on the country and swiftly took over the United States with his Gearheads. 

Corvo and his Gearheads, about a year into his presidency, began looking for Auriel's Bow, and along the way Corvo was injured by Solid Snake of Blue Team and, after the bow was acquired by them and they healed his wounds, he agreed to help them defeat the Black Diamond . After the defeat of the Black Diamond, Corvo resigned from office and told Blue Team he would never threaten them again. Whether or not he was telling the truth is yet to be seen...

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