Combine symbol2

The combine insignia.

The Combine (COMB: Centralized Overwatch Military Branch) Is a division of the UNSC dedicated to "public safety" and "global order". They are essentially a glorified police force deployed in times of martial law and national lockdown. The Combine was deployed in the 2160s by Colonel M. Bison in opposition to the UNSC. In the ensuing war, The Combine forced the UNSC off of Earth and established permanent marshall law. The Combine held the population of Earth under an iron dictatorship, where anyone in opposition to the government is beaten, apprehended, and never heard from again. 

Not too long later, the UNSC returned to Earth and crushed the Combine. In the retaking of the planet, Bison was killed, and the Combine relieved of duty.



Combine soldiers.

Culture and SocietyEdit

In order to maintain a close eye on the public, The Combine makes extensive use of agents and spies. These agents survey the population, relay information, and "dispose of" troublemakers in the public. However, the most feared and deadly agent in all the Combine is the gunslinging assassin known as Judge Doom. Blue team has encountered Doom several times, each time causing Blue team serious trouble. 

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