Queen chrysalis by pisumsativum-d4x8m8e.png

Chrysalis, daughter of Aku, and Queen of thr Changelings.

Queen Chrysalis, also called the Queen of the Changelings is a demigoddess, and the daughter of Aku, the dark god of evil. As such, she has the ability to shape-shift, like her father. She takes on the form of a decayed and almost insect-like alicorn, with a jagged horn and translucent, vaneous wings. Her hair is gray and unkempt, and she bears an organic-looking crown upon her head.

Chrysalis was recruited by the Mythic Dawn and served in the inner council. Her arrogant and aggressive personality kept her from earning any true allies in the council, aside from the similar-minded ork Warboss Grimskull. Together, they teamed up and invaded Equestria during the war. She used her shape-shifting to sow the seeds of war in Lenor, where she posed as Equestrian ambassador Princess Cadence and called off the peace treaty between the ponies and charr, and immediately afterwards, incited conflict between the two races.

She also was present during the Battle of Kilimanjaro, where she pretended to be Lopunny, Lucario's long lost love. After a brief embrace, she revealed it to be an illusion, and stabbed Blue team's leader in the back, nearly ending his life. Still, Lucario drew his strength and fought her off, and she was later banished along with Aku and Malefor during the final moments of the war.

It is very likely that she is still alive somewhere. Indeed, some believe she is already back to work, scheming and plotting. However, her current whereabouts are unknown.


Personality and AbilitiesEdit

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