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Cho'gall, the feared Emperor of the Ogres, and the right hand of Deathwing.

Cho'gall The Dark Prophet (also called Chieftain and Overlord), is the supreme leader of the united ogre tribes on Heraklon, having united them all himself. In addition, he commands the terrible, dark armies of the Gorian Empire, the followers of the evil dragon Deathwing, and recently, has pledged his ogres to servitude of the Burning Legion. Huge, imposing, and monstrous, the ogre warlord is unchallenged in his leadership. He is feared for his might with a weapon, and his deadly skills as a sorcerer.

Cho'gall is vicious, ruthless, cunning, and brilliant. His strength allows him to hold leadership over the ogres, and his tactical brilliance has led to success for the Twilight's Hammer throughout history. With the recent awakening of Deathwing and the Burning Legion, and the re-surfacing of the Twilight's Hammer, Cho'gall has taken control of his ogre hordes once again, eager to serve his evil masters and destroy the world of Heraklon.


Not much is known of the Gorian Empire in regards to history. Even less is known of Cho'gall's history. It is threorized that thousands of years ago, that he was once a mighty ogre lord, who at some point gained control of the fledgeling Gorian clan. For reasons unknown, presumedly pursuit of power, he began a campaign of unification and conquest. He waged war on rival clans and killed their leaders. 

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Cho'gall is actually two individuals in one. Each of his heads has its own personality. His two-eyed head is named Cho, and his one-eyed head is named Gall. Cho is the sensible, more tame, and tactical side of the ogre. Gall is bloodthristy, wild, and more crazy of the two. Put together, you get Cho'gall, who combines the personalities of both and forms the perfect leader, as well as monster.

Cho'gall is well equipped weapon-wise. He wields the most powerful weapon ever crafted by mortals, the ancient Twilight's Hammer. A fiendish mass of spikes and dark enchantments, the Twilight's Hammer is Cho'gall's weapon of choice, rumored to be powerful enough to smash through even the toughest, most ancient boulders, and kill anyone and anything it strikes. With this hammer as an icon for his reign, Cho'gall united all ogres of Heraklon. Needless to say, this weapon is still a powerful banner for the savage creatures.

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