The vile star of the force known as Chaos.

The Chaos is a primordial, immensely powerful force that originates from the mysterious, dark reaches of Creation, an abyss of blackness and cold known as the Void, or The Warp. Not much is known about Chaos, due to the fact that it has only visited Existence twice, but with dire consequences and outcomes (even the Gods admit to knowing next to nothing about Chaos, save for how powerful they are).

The first time that Chaos entered our Existence was many millenia ago, where it obliterated the Alicorn Empire in Lenor and the Forerunner Empire in Atmah. It is not known what drives them onward or what founded them, but what is known as that they fight for the concept of Chaos itself. It is also not known how many territories they have under their control, but according to Mephisto, the leader of Chaos, they have taken over many existences "stronger than this one (Mundus)". Chaos rose again in the early 2160s, this time led by two god-like beings known as Mephisto and Baal . They laid waste to Existence once again, ravaging all realms, greatly damaging Aetherius itself, and nearly bringing about the destruction of Mundus itself.


Society and Culture

Notable figures of Chaos:

Lord Baal - The right hand, advisor, and council to Mephisto. He is the co-ruler of all Chaos.

Lord Mephisto - The supreme head of Chaos, primary ruler of Chaos. 

Medusa Stheno - A deadly snake-like agent of Chaos. She embodies subterfuge and lies.

Doomsday - A hulking monster of destruction. During the invasion, he murdered Kynal, divine goddess of Honor. 

Beelzebub - An insect-like being of hunger and endless consumption. He consumes all in his path, leaving decay in his wake. 

Yorgoth - An architect of the Fall of the Alicorn Empire. He corrupted Eliphas and Horus. He embodies pure rage.

Nephthys - A powerful nature spirit. She resembles a humanoid made of wood and bark. She embodies chaotic growth.

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