"Humanity First."

The slogan of Cerberus

Cerberus is a human paramilitary organization of species-ists who all hold prejudice against aliens, pokemon, anthros, artificial intelligences, and elves. Cerberus' chief belief is that humanity is superior to all other forms of life, and that humanity must work towards ascension reach that level of superiority. And by "work towards ascension", it means pushing for laws that favor humanity, and also committing genocides of everything not human.

Surprisingly, Cerberus is very well funded by thousands of wealthy human corporations all across human territory. Originally, Cerberus was founded by an ambitious radical known as the Illusive Man, but not much is known about him. The group was later passed to a military leader known as Miles Quaritch. During his leadership, Cerberus fought alongside the Andromeda Treaty and aided in the UNSC's destruction. After that, the organization was passed to a man named Handsome Jack.  Under his leadership, Cerberus once again sided with aliens, this time the Faceless Empire to destroy the "non-visionary" humans and to guarantee their own safety. (Once the war ended they planned to betray the Faceless, because Cerberus will under no circumstance work for/with aliens).

Handsome Jack remains the chairman of all Cerberus worldwide.


Culture and SocietyEdit

Notable Cerberus Members

  • General Alphonso Knoxx, former General of Cerberus United States Division.
  • Commander Satsuki Kiryuin, leader of Cerberus East Asian Division.
  • Warlord Ekon "Doomfist" Mwamba, overlord of Cerberus African Division.
  • Lieutenant Cammy White, second-in-command of Cerberus United Kingdom Division.

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