Blue Team, also called the First Blue Team, was an organization of heroes from all corners of Existence, all united into one crime-fighting, evil-battling, injustice-vanquishing, tyrant-defying Team. Over the many years that Blue Team existed, they faced many challenges and surpassed them all.

Blue Team was founded by Lucario and David "Solid Snake" Thatcher, who are now known as "The Founders" by other Blue Team members. Of all the Blue Team members, it was the Founders who were the most recognized and respected. However within the group, all were seen as equals and were treated as such by the founders. This did not mean everyone was content. Though there were some falling-outs, and trial after trial confronted the Team, they held fast and remained true to their purpose, with the bonds of friendship proving stronger than any threat.

Blue Team fought many enemies, from smaller-time criminals, to aliens, all the way up to minions of the Dark Gods themselves. Blue Team existed and was active defending earth for fourteen years, where they undoubtably made a tremendous difference in the fate of Earth. Were it not for their actions, the world, as well as the universe, might well have fallen to darkness. At the end of Blue Team's reign, where Creation itself was in jeopardy from the ravages of Chaos, the Divines required the power of the last members of Blue Team in order to heal the universes.

To ensure that their positions as defenders of Earth would not go unoccupied, the Divines allowed the last members of Blue Team to bear offspring which would inherit their titles. These children formed the Second Blue Team, which operated almost twenty years after the original Blue Team.


Members and Statuses

Here, all the members of Blue Team shall be listed, also including their current statuses (Alive - They are alive. Deceased - They are dead. Missing/Unknown - They are no longer among the team, could be alive or dead. Or in some tragic cases, Corrupted and Traitor).

R.O.B. (Deceased)

Sonic the hedgehog (Deceased)

Solid Snake (Alive, Ascended)

Lucario (Alive, Ascended)

Lopunny (Unknown)

Kirby (Alive)

Pikachu (Deceased)

Fox (Alive)

Blaziken (Deceased)

Cacnea (Alive, Traitor)

Master Chief (Deceased)

Miles Tails Prower (Deceased)

Bowser (Traitor, Deceased)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Alive)

Knuckles the echidna (Alive)

Samus Aran (Deceased)

Amy Rose (Alive)

Meta Knight (Alive)

Silver the hedgehog (Missing)

Weavile (Deceased)

Mewtwo (Deceased)

Impmon (Deceased)

Guilmon (Missing)

Gatomon (Deceased)

Renamon (Unknown)

Gabumon (Deceased)

Garurumon (Deceased)

Leomon (Deceased)

Absol (Deceased)

Suicune (Missing)

Entei (Deceased)

Lugia (Deceased)

King Dedede (Missing, Traitor)

Dawn (Missing)

Vector the Crocodile (Missing)

Espio the Chameleon (Alive)

Charmy Bee (Missing)

Zero the hedgehog (Deceased)

Arsenal the Hedgehog (Alive)

Latios (Deceased)

Latias (Deceased)

Meowth (Missing)

Tai Lung (Corrupted, Dead)

Gaomon (Alive)

Yoko Ritona (Alive, Ascended)

Vulpa (Alive)

Ru (Missing)

Kamina (Deceased)